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Orange should be a hard color to miss.

Just ask Nickelodeon, Home Depot, or the Sun. But when neon orange TH flyers are tied to every tree on your block, they have a way of blending in with nature. And as every long-time Chicagoan with a car knows, there may come a time when you don't notice those TH flyers until it's too late and the City has already left a $60 neon orange "reminder" under your windshield wiper.

However you feel about street sweeping, We The Sweeple is here to help you avoid getting ticketed. Just enter your street address, and we'll use the sanitation schedule from the City of Chicago's open data portal to let you know when your street is due for cleaning. And, if you want reminders down the road, sign up for email notifications or download the schedule as an iCalendar (.ics) file.

We The Sweeple (formerly SweepAround.Us) was created in 2011 by Scott Robbin and is currently maintained by Carl Hauck and Kat Evans. None of them work for the City. All three have received their fair share of street sweeping tickets. Please direct your appeals elsewhere.

If you find this site helpful and want to help with the cost of running it, send us a few bucks. (Full technical disclosure: Heroku + Postgres + Redis + dyno + domain name + Google Maps + Mailgun expenses all add up to an annual sum of roughly 6-7 street sweeping tickets).

Have a question or suggestion? Drop us a line at admin<at>wethesweeple<dot>com.